Analysis and detection of needs

Our objectives with this visit are:

Family and social study

Detection of needs

Selection of suitable personnel

Employee accounting, labor and administrative management

(*) The hiring of personnel is at the client’s own expense, we can help with the administration.

Domestic service.

If you want to hire a professional for more than half a day, we recommend hiring our consulting service in order to provide the most personalized solution. We take care of the search of the worker analyzing the client’s needs(previous interview), we carry out personality and psychological tests as well as all the administrative management.

  • Cleaning of buildings and premises

  • Fixed

  • Substitutions

  • Vacation periods

  • One-time assistance work

  • Cooks

  • Home care marriages

  • Ironers

  • Drivers

  • Stewards

Geriatric assistant

Service aimed at elderly people who need help and companionship. It is a comprehensive care service that is perfectly adapted to the client’s family and environment.

  • Medication control

  • Personal hygiene

  • Cleaning

  • Organization

  • Shopping

  • Exits

  • Accompaniment service in clinics and hospitals

Maximum and minimum hours (2h – 4h per day)

Child care

Staff with impeccable references, specialized in the care and attention of babies and children.

  • Babysitters (hourly, permanent or interim)

  • Babysitters (minimum 10h/week)

  • Accompaniment to and from school or daycare(minimum 10 hours per week).

  • Pick-up from centers for after-school activities, parties, etc.(minimum 10h per week)

Maximum and minimum hours (2h – 4h per day)