We create the best cleaning and hygiene solution

combining personalised care and the latest in processes, products and technology.


We are specialists in cleaning and caring for offices and studies, as well as providing facility services in the pharmaceutical, educational, institutional and tourism (shopping centres, tourist apartments and hotels/hostels) sectors.

Specialised technical cleaning services

Auxiliary services

Sensory marketing

Ecological cleaning products

Communities of owners and parking areas

We have highly skilled staff members who are equipped with the latest in cleaning technology.
We work for more than 500 communities of owners and 100 public and private parking areas.

Cleaning services




Door opening


We provide personalised advice and assistance in order to be able to help you to find the perfect person for your home and your needs.
We can also offer a cleaning service in accordance with your expectations and to care for your home as well as those who mean the most to you.

Personalised advice for hiring staff for your home.

Real-time solutions

Thanks to the communication protocols in our management model, we can immediately detect any deviation in the objectives defined by the customer, allowing us to offer solutions in real time.

What sets us apart

Thanks to the pillars of our cleaning service, more customers trust us every day.

Quality guarantee

Audit of the quality of all our services
For each of our works we have an internal audit system (Quality Service), which analyses any possible incidents in the service and protects the interests of our customers, reporting directly to the Technical Department.

Tailor-made services

Personalised advice
Before offering a cleaning service, our team conducts an exhaustive study to detect the needs of our customer in order to provide personalised advice with tailor-made results.

We ensure your satisfaction

Human and professional treatment
Thanks to our work method, we can always guarantee not only the final quality of the service, but also full customer satisfaction in the human and professional treatment of the cleaning team.

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