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How do we work?

Analysis and detection of needs

On the first visit we are in charge of learning about your current situation in order to guarantee that we provide you with a 360º solution.
Our objectives on this visit are:

Detection of needs

Analysis of the space and people working

Identification of flooring

Establish the frequency of the service

A healthy environment and a clean and caring workspace

constitute essential elements for the welfare of your employees.

With whom do we work?

Cleaning services for offices and premises

(Stores, premises in use, empty premises, industrial warehouses)

Services for companies in the pharmaceutical sector

Cleaning services for companies in the tourism sector

(hotels, spas, gyms, tourist apartments)

Services for companies in the public and/or private education and institutional sector

Ozonisation of spaces

Deodorisation: proper intervention using an ozone treatment, ensuring a complete elimination of all types of bad odours.

Oxygenation: a pure, fresh air is achieved with the ozonation treatment, which prevents or reduces the appearance of allergies.

Oxygenation has a greater concentration capacity for professional development within the workplace.

Disinfection: ozone with its powerful sterilising action achieves exhaustive disinfection, which will destroy all types of micro-organisms and achieve effective prevention against contagion or the development of viruses.

This directly results in a lower work absence.

Disinfestation: The penetration capacity of ozone and its great oxidation power provides an extremely high ability to exterminate all types of insects.

Sensory Marketing: Discover olfactory marketing

Is it true that when you remember a song you like, you remember where and with whom you listened to it? When you feel the smell of fresh grass, do you think about nature?

Sensory marketing, and especially olfactory marketing, is becoming a new weapon to be able to position the brand in the mind of your potential customer. Through the aromatisation of environments, you can positively influence the performance of your employees, boost sales or generate a better impression of your brand by raising its reputation and prestige.

We study, develop and apply the aromas that are best associated to the objectives pursued by each company.

Advice on Aroma marketing:

Study and development of the aroma


Provision of digital air-freshener equipment

Replenishment of fragrances

Replacement of batteries in the device

Maintenance of this device for its correct operation


More specifications:

– The application interval of the device may be configured to your taste
– Digital air-freshener equipment, 30cm in height and 10cm in width

The satisfaction of our customers

With our adaptation and personalisation commitment, we guarantee customer satisfaction.