About Us

We seek excellence in each service we offer.

Its more than 40 years of experience offering cleaning solutions and willingness to develop a model of the utmost excellence, have contributed to Saylor today occupying a place of reference in its sector.

Its solid business background and an appropriate technical specialisation with educated professionals in London and Paris support this dynamic and innovative company.

Our commitment and attitude.

We encourage the collective commitment and excellence in our work through internal training and loyalty programmes, allowing us to ensure a professional management and high quality results.

An attitude based on continuous improvement allows us to anticipate the customer’s needs and places us as referents in the service management sector.

A new view of the environment, a new way of working.

Saylor offers its customers comprehensive management services in the maintenance of their facilities, by designing specific processes and tailor-made solutions with high added value.

The company has a long history in managing specialised services, as well as in coordinating work teams. In a work scenario where it is essential to provide a quick response, its work team has learned how to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the offshoring of resources.

We look after and value our human team.

A multidisciplinary and specialised environment requires the intervention of highly trained professionals. Thus, offshoring know-how becomes one of the key parts of the management model.

Our technical department is made up of independent teams, specialised in each of the areas where Saylor intervenes. An internal audit system based on assessment protocols and satisfaction reports (Quality Service) allows us to analyse the quality of the service and protect the interests of our customers within the company.

Our guarantees.

Internal audit department (Quality Service)

Civil liability insurance

Cycled training of all our employees


Strict compliance with the Occupational Safety and Risk Prevention regulations.

Saylor, a company associated with ITEL

The Spanish Technical Cleaning Institute (ITEL) is a technical assistance, training and research organisation that develops and promotes activities relating to cleaning and hygiene in its broadest sense. From textile cleaning, laundry and dry cleaning, to the cleaning of surfaces, technical cleaning, road cleaning, treatment of waste and the environment.


Frequently asked questions.

If these questions still do not answer yours about our services you can call us on 902 31 51 61.

How do I benefit from the fact that your company has a Quality Service department?

Saylor has implemented an internal audit system (Quality Service) that reports directly to Technical Management, and whose duty is to analyse any possible incidents in the service and protect the customer’s interests within our company.

A system whose objective is to ensure the final quality of the service and full customer satisfaction, from both the point of view of the result and the human treatment of the professional team.

The inclusion of communication protocols in the management model allows us to immediately detect any deviation that may occur with regard to the objectives defined by the customer, being able to offer real-time solutions.

The audit department regularly informs each commercial adviser of their levels of quality and satisfaction assessed in the services performed, whilst also conveying the results to our customers through personalised reports.

What can Saylor do for the company I represent?

At Saylor we work to renovate and maintain the work environment of our customers.

A healthy environment and a clean and cared for work space constitute essential elements for the welfare and productivity of your employees.

If you wish to learn more information about any of our services, or if you are interested in learning how Saylor can help your company to optimise the resources used for these services, please get in contact with us. We will be delighted to assist you.

Do the employees of Saylor have formal training?

The entire team of professionals at Saylor regularly receive cycled training that allows them to maintain the quality and professionalism of services at the most competitive levels. All employees whose duties so require it are accredited with the training corresponding to their position.

Can I benefit from special rates if I contract services from different areas?

For any questions or queries related to our services, please get in contact with us.

We will be delighted to arrange an interview with you to be able to present our services in detail and make a personalised quote that adapts to the characteristics of the service required by your company.

A possible incident has occurred in the service. How should I bring this to the attention of Saylor?

However you prefer. Get in contact with your commercial adviser by telephone or mail. Only by knowing those points where we need to improve, can we offer you our most efficient and professional service.

Saylor has implemented an internal audit system (Quality Service), whose duty is to analyse any possible incidents in the service and protect the customer’s interests within our company. Saylor always responds.

Does Saylor have insurance that covers any possible accidents?

Of course. Saylor has contracted a civil liability insurance to cover any eventuality that may occur in the development of the duties of all our employees.

What types of products do Saylor use in its cleaning services?

Saylor, aware of the importance of this choice, pays special attention to using ecological products that are 100% respectful of the environment.

We work in close collaboration with chemical laboratories to provide our expertise to the development and improvement of the products we use. All progress obtained always results in a more efficient service and a better performance of operators. In short, a benefit for the customer.

How does Saylor differ from other cleaning and maintenance companies?

Saylor is not only a cleaning agency. At Saylor we work to renovate and maintain the work environment of our customers. All employees in our team are direct employees of the company, which ensures the highest levels of efficiency and quality in all of our services.

From the internal audit department (Quality Service), the quality of the service is continuously analysed in order to protect the interests of our customers within our company.

What are the social benefits of Saylor?

Depending on the conditions agreed in the contract, its employees may:

  • Perform a certain number of weekly hours of private domestic services.
  • Access any of our urgent maintenance and repair services.

From unexpected baby-sitting to an appliance repair service with collection and delivery of keys, Saylor will improve the quality of life of your employees, optimising their time and of course, their results.

What is olfactory marketing?

Olfactory marketing is a new technique that creates an automatic relationship between a specific aroma and a company, brand or product, and can influence the behaviour of the person who perceives it.

The continuous use of a certain fragrance is what is known as an odotype, an element that reinforces the identity of a company or brand in the same way as a logotype.

At Saylor we have a department specialised in the study and creation of fragrances. Our specialists will design a unique aroma that reflects the values of your company in all its corporate spaces.

How is a fragrance distributed?

At Saylor we work with diffusion systems through pipes or external timers. In the first, a small tank is installed at the output of the motor for the ventilation system, achieving a perfect distribution of the fragrance. With independent timers, we can create dynamic and highly effective diffusion systems.