Communities of owners and Parking areas

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We work with over 500 communities of owners and 150 parking areas in the whole of Spain.

Communities of owners

Parking areas

Services for communities of owners.

We are specialists in providing services to individuals as well as offices, thanks to the experience generated from working in different business sectors. Our service is distinguished by its professionalism, attention to detail and cleaning protocols. We also offer the option of being able to hire our qualified employees to clean the homes of each resident within a community of owners.

  1. Cleaning of buildings and premises
  2. Cleaning of parking areas
  3. Cleaning of offices
  4. End of construction cleaning
  5. Treatment of paving (rabbets and micro-rabbets on terrazzo and marble)
  6. Interior painting
  7. Vertical works
  1. Security studies
  2. Security plans
  3. Coordination of security plans
  • Rehabilitation works
  • Reforms
  • Rehabilitation of façades and inner courtyards
  1. Technical visits
  2. Reinforcements
  3. General repairs

Services for parking areas.

We do not only carry out professional cleaning services on the parking areas that work with us, as we also, thanks to our structure, can provide any ancillary or emergency service such as access monitoring, security, control of facilities or industrial locksmithing.

  1. Rehabilitation of façades and inner courtyards
  2. Repair of concrete structures
  3. One-off repairs
  4. Painting works
  5. Fastening and anchoring of architectural elements (panelling)
  6. Inspection and preparation of technical reports
  7. Preventive write-offs
  8. Façade cleaning
  9. Window cleaning
  10. Waterproofing
  11. Damp treatment
  12. Sealing and creation of dilatation joints
  13. Asbestos removal
  14. Glass cleaning
  1. Third party protection
  2. Bird deterrent systems
  3. Water downpipes
  4. Gas and fume extractions
  5. Advertising banners

Installation and repair of all types of locks:

  1. Rim
  2. Mortise
  3. Security
  4. High security (with 3 or more anchorage points)
  5. Electric locks for swing doors
  6. Locks for glass doors
  7. Installation of accessories for doors and locks:
  8. Anti-leverage system
  9. Digital peep-holes
  10. Anti-panic systems
  11. Security shields
  12. Electric door openers

Motorisation of all types of doors:

  1. Sliding
  2. Swing
  3. Metal rolling blinds
  4. Domestic PVC or aluminium blinds
  5. Opening with remote control or key

Installation of electric brake devices to prevent the blind from being lifted

  1. Biometric access controls
  2. Magnetic cards
  3. Keys with chip
  4. Numeric keypad
  5. Opening doors using mobile phones

Installation and repair of all types of blinds:

  1. Universal
  2. Flat
  3. Shell
  4. Aluminium
  5. Blackout, micro-perforated, die-cut…

Installation of all types of safety devices for blinds:

  1. Padlocks
  2. Central locks with side bars
  3. Electric brakes: Devices installed in the blind motor that replace any other safety device
  4. Alternative security systems (e.g. Bounce)
  5. Replacement of slats in all types of blinds
  6. Replacement of the upper shaft
  7. Crossbow gates
  8. Motorisation of blinds
  1. Metal locks and structures
  2. Garage doors
  3. Tailor-made stairways
  4. Bars
  5. Railings
  6. Lobby doors